Rosa-Lee Tuffney

Portrait Artist

                                            Private Art Tuition
                                                                   Art Tutor: Rosa-Lee Tuffney BA(hons) PG dip


Learn to draw or paint anything! 

Discover the 'Secrets of Drawing' used by professional artists . In our tutorials/workshops you will discover those secrets! That is my promise.

With expert guidance and lots of gentle encouragement we will transform your drawing and painting skills way beyond your expectations. 

If you are a young artist working toward your GCSE or A Level exams we focus on you achieving A-Star results. We can do it!

If you are retired and looking to rediscover your love of drawing, you will be amazed at what you achieve when we show you a few tricks of the trade

Private Tuition: £15 per hour


Skills you learn in the studio


Pencil Drawing

From  complete  beginner  to  masterclass,  become  an expert in  using a range  of  pencils, erasers  and  blending  materials.

Discover the creative fun using  a hand held electric eraser and Blu-tack,  finishing  off your  blending with a paper stump and some tissue paper. As  we  reveal  to  you  the  'secrets  of  drawing'  used  by  the professionals, your drawings will suddenly come to life. 

Private Tuition: £15 per hour

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Pet Portraits in Pastel

If   you  are  a  pet   lover  who  loves  to  draw,  you will love this course!   Capturing   the  love  your  pet  has  for  you  in the expression of their  eyes,  using  pastels,  is  an  amazing skill. We will show you how to do it. 

Let us guide you through a maze of options & techniques & you will see results way beyond your expectations.   

Private Tuition: £15 per hour

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Pastel Portraits

From complete beginner to masterclass, discover how to combine warm tone pastels to create amazing portraits. Become expert at blending, erasing & softening tones, bringing your portraits to life.    

Private Tuition: £15 per hour

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Oil Painting

From complete beginner to masterclass, discover how to mix the paint to create the most vibrant colours & greatest luminosity. 

We  share  with  you  traditional  glazing  techniques  used  by  the old masters.  Be  amazed  at  what  you  can  create  in  less time than you believe possible.

Private Tuition: £15 per hour

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Studio Opening Times

09.00 to 17.00
09.00 to 17.00
09.00 to 17.00
09.00 to 17.00
09.00 to 17.00
10.00 to 14.00

Students Enjoying Private Tuition


Gifted A Level student, Ella Moore, putting the final touches to a Blundell's School Art Project

Talented Gabriel Harrison working in oil on canvas for a series of paintings as course-work for art at Blundell's School
Mr Peter Charles in the Art Studio

The elder statesman of the studio, Mr Peter Charles. 

Julian Babb in the Art Studio

Adept artist Mr Julian Babb of Tiverton with 

a seascape in gouache

Accomplished artist, Fay, receives guidance and encouragement from International wildlife Artist Steve Burgess. a regular guest in the studio. To see Steve's work CLICK HERE

Mrs Briony Best  with  a  highly  resolved still life in oils echoing the Dutch still-life painters of the 1700's now a very successful painter.


Two students exchanging ideas after a tutorial

Victoria Fox with her portrait painting

Highly skilled painter Mrs Victoria Fox of Wellington with her portrait in oils, paying tribute to the Post Impressionist portrait painters