Rosa-Lee Tuffney

Portrait Artist


Yeshua Ha Mashiach in the Garden of Gethsemane Being Comforted by an Angel

Oil on canvas 24" x 48"


The Moment of Resurrection.  The Fracture Between Two Dimensions!

Oil on Canvas Board: 24" x 36" 


Mary and Joanna entering the tomb of Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Oil on canvas 24" x 36"


The Resurrection of Yeshua as He is being tended by angels in the Tomb

Oil on Canvas Panel 24" x 36"

 Mary Looking into the Eyes of Elohim

Oil on Canvas Panel  20" x 30"


Mary, mother of Yahweh, reminiscing in old age whilst living in Ephesus with the apostle John  .

Charcoal on Card 12" x 10"


The Flood Gates of Heaven before the Deluge

Oil on Canvas Board: 24" x 36"


Creation: Day 3 (Plants and Trees)

Oil on Canvas Board 24" x 36"


Repentance & Forgiveness

Oil on Canvas Panel: 28" x 22.5"


 The Dove and the Ark

Oil on Canvas Panel:  22" x 26"


Mary and the Angel Gabriel

Pastel on Paper: 18" x 24"


The Watchers

Oil on Canvas Board  20" x 24"


From the Beginning

Pastel on Board 35" X 42" 


Mary and Child Study for Painting

Pastel on Paper: 12" x 10" 


Noah's Ark

Pastel on Card: 18" x 23"


The Deluge

Oil on Panel: 28" x 22" 


Slave Girl Listening to Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Charcoal on Paper: 12" x 10"