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Rosa-Lee Tuffney BA (Hons) PG dip

'Let me show you how it works.'

Scroll down to see a portrait start to finish...................

The image emailed to me

from which I worked.

Step 1: Outline pastel sketch

on Murano paper.

Step 2: Establishing dark areas

of the portrait

Step 3: White pastel added

giving the portrait life. 

Step 4: Blending tones & colours, the

portrait gets the 'Tuffney Touch'

To commission your portrait email a photo

and lets get things started......


See an Equine Portrait

& follow the process from start to finish.......

Photo of Tam

from which I worked

Stage 1: Outline sketched with

pastel on Murano Paper

Stage 2: Composition blocked

in with Sennelier pastels

Stage 3: Using water over

the pastels, it's now a painting 

Stage 4: Softening tones and colours

Tam's portrait finally gets the 'Tuffney Touch'

To see more please visit


For your Equine Portrait email me

some photos & lets get things started.


Learn to Draw

like a Professional

An amazing opportunity to book your own 'Private Tuition' with one of the UK's top Artists.

Rosa-Lee will transform your drawing and painting skills way beyond your expectations with her unique & meticulously structured teaching method, Having fun, enjoying the process of drawing & painting is the bedrock of her tutorials / workshops.

"People learn much more when they enjoy themselves," is often heard in the studio.

There are secret techniques used by Masters throughout history. To see Rosa-Lee's work is to know she has those secrets. Let her share them with you in her studio & see your drawing skills transformed way beyond what you thought possible.

There are no age limits & complete beginners are very welcome. The only requirement is a true desire to learn how to draw/paint; that is all that is needed.

Private Tuition: One Hour £20

Private Tuition: Two Hours £35

Private Tuition: Three Hours £45